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And So It Begins...

The First of Many


This is a journey that not only are we super excited to begin, but also one in which you the community are heavily involved. Baseball is a game that can be enjoyed by the masses and we here seek to help facilitate that process. My name is Corbin, your resident analytics nerd, and I will be one of the main contributors you will be getting to know on this site.

Baseball is a game fueled by data and statistics but would be nothing without the people who play, promote, and consume the game that we all love. Believe us: We know baseball is not perfect. It is with these imperfections however where the game can truly shine. A team can go 108 years without hoisting the championship trophy, but when they do it becomes one of the proudest moments in a cities history. A team could be born from an arson fire, grow up in the shadow of giants, slay those giants thanks to one of the best teams ever seen, return to the dumpster, sign an eccentric man from Japan, post the most wins in a season ever, then return right back to being awful (Lookin' at you Mariners). Although this is a relatively wild example, phenomena within the baseball world happen all the time right under our noses and we here seek to bring those exciting events to the spotlight.

Over time, we here hope to deepen your appreciation for the game by displaying just how amazing it can be. We are prepared to be your intermediary to the game and will serve you to the best of our ability, always. There is so much for us to discover, so I say we jump right into it.

Welcome to the 7th Inning Stretch


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